Terms and Conditions

Mrs India Terms and Conditions

Applicants must have been born as females. To be eligible, applicants need to have Indian heritage. (An applicant qualifies if either their father or mother is of Indian origin.)

Applicants can be divorced, widowed, or currently married. As of October 2023, applicants should be aged between 20 and 50 years and must provide age and address verification upon request.

Applicants must stand at a minimum height of 5 feet. Proficiency in Malayalam, English, or Hindi is a requirement for applicants. English will be the exclusive language for communication during the grand finale. Applicants must possess both physical and mental well-being.

Contestants must strictly adhere to the timetable provided by the organizers. Contestants are not allowed to take on any additional commitments during the pre-events, grooming sessions, and the final event.

Only the applicant is permitted to enter the designated venue for the preliminary rounds. The event schedule and qualification rounds may be altered at the organizers' discretion, and they cannot be held responsible for event cancellation. Withdrawing from the competition after being selected in the audition rounds will be considered a violation of the contract.

Applicants are required to maintain disciplined and diligent conduct throughout, as stipulated in the schedules.

Applicants acknowledge and accept that any misconduct, negative remarks, or misrepresentation, whether oral, written, or by action, concerning themselves or other participants, will result in disqualification without exception.

Providing inaccurate information, whether discovered before, during, or after participation, will lead to disqualification.

Contestants are responsible for supplying their own costumes and materials for auditions and grooming.

Contestants must be available for all press conferences, photo/video sessions, and other public relations activities organized by the event hosts. Contestants are not permitted to engage with the media before or during the competition without prior approval from the organizers.

The organizers will not cover expenses such as telephone calls, laundry, extra food, or any personal expenditures incurred by the contestants.

The organizers are not liable for any loss or physical injury sustained by applicants during their participation in the event.

The organizers are not accountable for any non-telecast of the event. Mangallyam Events (Deeming Media Pvt Ltd) retains the right to utilize contestants' photographs, interviews, and video footage for sales promotion, advertising, and live/recording programming.

In case of disputes, the decisions made by the organizers are binding on the applicant and are deemed final. Disputes will be adjudicated in the courts of Cochin. The event schedule and rounds are subject to modification at the organizers' discretion.

Finalists are required to take part in the grooming segment. Accommodation and meals during the grooming phase will be provided by the organizers.

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited during both the grooming phase and the grand finale.

Contestants are not allowed to engage in other activities during the grooming phase. Contestants have no authority to question the jury's decisions.

Any efforts by unsuccessful contestants to discredit the organizers through social media or other publicity outlets will be subject to legal action.

The jury's decision during the grand finale will be considered conclusive. Selected candidates are responsible for covering grooming charges, which are non-refundable.

A non-refundable registration fee of ₹1000 will be applied.

Applicants must consent to adhere to all regulations, subject to potential alterations by the organizers at their discretion.

All participants must sign a participation agreement.

All prizes are subject to tax deductions as mandated by law.

Accommodations during the 2-day grooming phase are exclusively for contestants; family members or relatives will not be permitted in the rooms.

Contestants are responsible for their personal belongings, and the organizers are not responsible for any lost items.

Contestants must provide a fitness certificate from a reputable medical practitioner before the grooming phase.

Accommodations will be based on twin-sharing arrangements.

Contestants must strictly adhere to the hotel's regulations.

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